You don't even know

Mar 4

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I’m sorry Dance, you are my passion, but I’ll have to put you on the back burner for a while, until I get myself straightened out.


So excited for this break. So much change to come. ;)

Someone convince me to go to Grace…

oh snap ;)

Haha don’t follow this one! I don’t do anything on it.

New tumblr! :)

Whatup! I made a new tumblr—>

The new blog will mainly be me reblogging my interests, and it will be active! Follow at your own discretion. :)

I’ll still use this one for personal posts.

what's your favorite thing to do?


Hmm good question, some of them are: having quality conversations with friends, meeting new people, improving in dance, vibing to some chill music. I think that about covers it.

sup nigga?


nothin really just studying for this test tomorrow, vibing to some nujabes

IM me on Yahoo Msngr it's important. my username is deborahmeliaXX121383


How did you pick up bboying/dancing & any advice you'd give to those just starting?


I saw this

Stay dedicated, everybody has to start somewhere aka everybody sucks at one point. Put yourself out there to meet other dancers. Stay humble.